Good People Rule  

Focusing on the GOOD

GOOD PEOPLE RULE believes that we are all connected. So it's important to be GOOD to one another as often as possible.

     It's been proven that people who practice acts of kindness (and also the recipients of those acts) get a nice dose of serotonin (feel good chemicals) in their brain.

When you lift others, you will feel uplifted. 

It takes one second to look at someone, smile and say “Hello!”  We can even go beyond that and actually spread random acts of kindness....   Imagine .... 

People, pets and places add value to our lives in so many different ways.  You never know who or what can teach you a life lesson or brighten your day and you can also be that bright light for others.  Along with people and pets, there are also places and things that can enhance our lives in positive ways.  Simply taking your dog for a walk or going shell picking on the beach are wonderful and simple opportunities to enjoy this sometimes-crazy world.
Life can be challenging at times and maintaining a positive mental attitude can help us along the way. Please feel free to check out our site, read, enjoy, SHARE and add to it, if you feel moved to.

Whatever you do, remember:


Find the GOOD
Share the GOOD
Be the GOOD
Feel the GOOD



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  • Find the GOOD
  • Share the GOOD
  • Be the GOOD
  • Feel the GOOD 

was envisioned by our co-founder, Jamie.  He was sitting in traffic, during work and saw the now famous: "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK" sticker prominently stuck on the back window of the car in front of him.


  There has to be something better in life than that, He thought: "Well, if "mean people suck" then


       Believe it or not, a bunch of us felt the same way.  So we got together to make this idea real.  We need more good in this world, we need more everyday Heroes.  And guess what?  They are everywhere!  You won't hear about them on the news because helping a guy change a tire or buying someone groceries they can't afford, isn't sensational..

    ..but for that one person, IT IS!   We as humans can care and empathize with others and in turn we want to share, help and love ...more and more...And THAT  is what we need to sensationalize!


     Today more than ever, our world is crying out for more GOOD in us all.  To be a little more patient, kind and thoughtful. 

     We just wanted  to show appreciation for all the PEOPLE who do something GOOD for another person in the world.   Whether through laughter, lending, love or enlightenment, the world needs GOOD PEOPLE! 

It's easy to forget at times that

we are all connected.


     It is easy to go throughout our day caught up in our own thoughts and just stay focused on our own agenda; we can easily forget to look out beyond ourselves.

     Do you know about someone doing something GOOD for someone else? Have you been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  TELL US!

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     We see inspiring thing all around us, everyday.  Please share something you think is beautiful.  It can be street art, a selfie or a shared kiss, it's up to you. 

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